India’s federal police have arrested six people, including employees of a billionaire jeweller, as an inquiry into one of the country’s biggest bank scams widens, investigators said Wednesday. The Central Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations that Nirav Modi, a jeweller to Hollywood stars including Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts, was involved in scamming India’s… (more…)

Indian police arrest six as inquiry widens into bank fraud

India’s federal police have arrested six people, including employees of a billionaire jeweller, as an inquiry into one of the country’s biggest bank scams widens, investigators said Wednesday. The Central Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations that Nirav Modi, a jeweller to Hollywood stars including Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts, was involved in scamming India’s… Read more

Dog food recall: Euthanasia drug found in cans of Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits and more

It’s the latest in what has become a disturbingly common occurrence — another pet food maker has recalled a variety of canned dog food after a dangerous chemical was found in its food during a TV station’s investigation. RELATED: When is a service animal not a service animal? Delta introduces new rules March 1 Low levels… Read more

Cartels control 45 percent of Mexico: Senator

Drug cartels control almost as much territory in Mexico as the Islamic State controlled in Syria at the height of its power, a key Republican senator said this week after returning from a trip through the region. Sen. James Lankford, one of the Republicans looking to lead on an immigration bill this year, said the cartels’… Read more

Video: ‘Shower Rat’ Isn’t Showering And Isn’t a Rat

The latest viral sensation is a double-misnomer: “Shower Rat” is not taking a shower, and it’s not a rat. The video, which comes from Peru, features some sort of rodent covered in suds, rubbing its body like one would to lather soap in the shower. As much as it is interesting to watch a “rat” act… Read more

Report: Wealthy Earned Enough to End Poverty in 2017

Last year, the world’s billionaires made over $462 billion combined, enough money to end extreme poverty around the globe seven times over. With a new billionaire added to the list nearly every two days, wealth inequality widened, according to a new report from Oxfam. Forty-two of the richest people in the world now hold as much… Read more

Retail alert: Sam’s Club is abruptly closing locations nationwide

Bad news for Sam’s Club members! The Walmart-owned warehouse club has abruptly shut down multiple locations across the country, according to local media reports. Closures have reportedly taken place in Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, Texas and elsewhere — without warning. RELATED: Macy’s, Sears and Kmart closing sales: 3 things you need to know… Read more

Google moved 16 bn euros to Bermuda to avoid tax: Bloomberg

Google moved 15.9 billion euros ($19.2 billion) to a Bermuda shell company in 2016, saving it billions of dollars in taxes that year, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, quoting regulatory filings in the Netherlands. Google uses two structures, known as a “Double Irish” and a “Dutch Sandwich”, to shield the majority of its international profits from taxation,… Read more

Capital One Accounts Double Charged For Recent Transactions, Users Missing Thousands Of Dollars

Many Capital One Bank account holders learned today that the bank has been double charging many recent transactions resulting in hundreds if not thousands of dollars missing from banks accounts across the country. Debit card bank transactions have us seeing double today. Rest assured our support teams are engaged & working towards a fix. Hanging on… Read more

‘Mapping The Swamp’ Report Shows It’s Even Bigger, Costlier Than You Think

James P. Cochrane is paid $250,335 annually as chief marketing and sales officer for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), making him the highest paid public relations employee of the federal government. The USPS lost $5.1 billion in 2016. Right behind Cochrane is Stephen Katsanos, who pulls down $229,333 as a public affairs official for the Federal… Read more

Ivanka Trump Diamonds Embroiled in Alleged Fraud Scheme

Diamonds from first daughter Ivanka Trump’s now-defunct fine jewelry line were allegedly used in a massive money laundering and fraud scheme, according to a federal court filing, GQ reported. The Commercial Bank of Dubai in late June sought and later got permission to subpoena Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, claiming its diamonds were vehicles in a scheme… Read more

Republicans Refusing To Continue Trump Investigation

Republicans are refusing to name new witnesses in the Congressional investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 election and may be prematurely winding down the probe, according to the ranking Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee. Firing off a nine-tweet thread on Friday, Adam Schiff (D–California) warned he had become “increasingly… Read more

White House Most Corrupt Governmental Institution: Poll

In the year since Donald Trump was elected president on a promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington’s corruption, Americans have become more, not less, convinced that Washington is corrupt, and that the White House is the most corrupt institution in U.S. government. A new public opinion poll conducted over the last two months found that… Read more

U.N. Official Shocked at Poverty In Rural Alabama

A United Nations official investigating poverty in the United States was shocked at the level of environmental degradation in some areas of rural Alabama, saying he had never seen anything like it in the developed world. “I think it’s very uncommon in the First World. This is not a sight that one normally sees. I’d have… Read more

A hospital charged $1,877 to pierce a 5-year-old’s ears. This is why health care costs so much

Two years ago, Margaret O’Neill brought her 5-year-old daughter to Children’s Hospital Colorado because the band of tissue that connected her tongue to the floor of her mouth was too tight. The condition, literally called being “tongue-tied,” made it hard for the girl to make “th” sounds. It’s a common problem with a simple fix: an… Read more

Genetic Tests Could Allow Companies to Exploit You

Learning your ancestry just got a lot more complicated. DNA testing kids could be used against consumers because the companies that harvest genetic codes can sell the information, Senator Chuck Schumer warned on Sunday, ahead of Cyber Monday sales. Third parties can purchase the DNA information harvested from saliva or hair by such companies as AncestryDNA… Read more

Harvard accused of racial screening

Probe launched into an alleged limit on Asian-American students BOSTON – The US Justice Department is investigating complaints that Harvard University intentionally limits the number of Asian-American students it admits, according to a report on Tuesday. The department has also accused the university of failing to cooperate with the probe into the relevance of race in… Read more

The 1 Percent Now Have Half the World’s Wealth

The richest 1 percent of the world’s population owns more than half of household wealth with their share skyrocketing since the global financial crisis, a new report says. The annual Global Wealth Report, published Tuesday by Credit Suisse, points out that while the top 1 percent and 10 percent of the world’s richest saw their share… Read more

Russian Bots Attack Keurig Over Sean Hannity Ad Cull

Fox News’s Sean Hannity is getting support from Russian-linked social media accounts after they began amplifying a protest by the American far right against Keurig coffee machines when the company pulled advertising from Hannity’s show. Keurig is among five companies that removed ads from Fox’s Hannity over the weekend following his coverage of sexual misconduct allegations… Read more

Trump’s Ability to Go Nuclear Has Congress Scared

It would take just five minutes from the time President Donald Trump ordered the launch of nuclear weapons—perhaps after being provoked by the latest insult from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un—for them to be fired. That alarming scenario involving a president who has shown a thin skin and a propensity for rash decisions has prompted… Read more

The 1 Percenters Are Middle Class: House Republicans

That’s rich! Republicans suddenly believe that one percenters are barely struggling to be in the middle class, party officials revealed. On Thursday, House Republicans issued a fact sheet about their new tax cut plan that referred to Americans earning $450,000 a year as “low- and middle-income” — even though that income level would put those taxpayers… Read more

Watch: Viral Video ‘Proves’ Facebook Listening To Your Real-Life Conversations

Reply All podcast host PJ Vogt challenged Facebook once again with a new viral video alleging the social media company “listens” to user’s real-life conversations through their smartphone’s microphones. A Reddit post Sunday, “Facebook iPhone listening into our conversations for advertisements,” linked to a video showing a man’s conversation about “cat food” being targeted to him… Read more

Italy breaks up a Libyan gang smuggling low quality fuel into Europe

Italian police have broken up Libyan fuel-smuggling ring accused of trafficking €30 million euros’ worth of low-quality diesel into Italy and Europe and selling it at the standard price. A Libyan, nicknamed the ‘boss’, and linked to the Sicilian mafia, used small boats to steal fuel from a refinery in Zawiya, a port city 40 kilometres… Read more

Gun Stock Shares Skyrocket After Las Vegas Shooting

Another mass shooting and another surger for gun stock prices — a typical pattern for American investors. In the hours after the worst mass shooting in American history in Las Vegas Sunday, shares of American Outdoor Brands, formerly Smith & Wesson, jumped 3.41 percent to $15.77 by just after noon Monday, while Sturm Ruger rose 2.9… Read more

EU parliament may deny access to Monsanto

The European Parliament has been asked by its political leaders to deny access to executives and lobbyists for US agro-chemicals giant Monsanto, a parliament spokesman said Friday. The leaders of the parliament’s political groups issued the appeal after the firm turned down an invitation to a hearing over claims Monsanto influenced scientific research on the safety… Read more

Venezuela Prepares for War With U.S.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro called on his nation’s military leaders Tuesday to prepare for war against the U.S. days after the Trump administration banned Venezuelan officials from entering the nation. “We have been shamelessly threatened by the most criminal empire that ever existed and we have the obligation to prepare ourselves to guarantee peace,” said Maduro,… Read more

Hearing Exposes Government Agencies’ Waste-Spending Bonanza

For the men and women who run federal government agencies, nothing is more tragic than finishing the fiscal year with money that has not been spent. That was the clear takeaway from a little-noticed hearing Wednesday at the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Subcommittee. Three experts testified that there is clear evidence that agencies rush… Read more

Irma price gouging highlights sad truth: Consumer fleecing is the new normal

By Ramsi Woodcock, Professor of Legal Studies, Georgia State University. Delta, shown over Tampa in 2014, and other carriers jacked up fares ahead of Irma due to high demand. They later capped prices. Drew Horne/ Since Hurricane Irma put Florida in its sights, there have been thousands of reports of price gouging on everything from water… Read more

Climate change activists want punishment for skeptics

Calls to punish global warming skepticism as a criminal offense have surged in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but it hasn’t discouraged climate scientists like Judith Curry. A retired Georgia Tech professor, she argued on her Climate Etc. website that Irma, which hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane on Saturday, was fueled in… Read more

Oil Companies Leaking Benzene Lobbied Against Pollution Rules

A plume of benzene has been detected in the air over Houston after four fossil fuel companies reported leaks of the highly toxic compound that can increase the risk of cancer — even from brief exposure. Documents reviewed by International Business Times show that two of the companies — ExxonMobil and Valero — recently lobbied against… Read more

How Big Pharma Secretly Funds The Fight To Keep Drug Prices High

As the cost of prescription drugs continues to rise in the nation that already pays the most in the world for medications, federal legislators and ballot-measure committees are proposing ways to curb those prices. But pharmaceutical companies, worried their profit margins will decline under the pending proposals, are spending millions of dollars against the initiatives —… Read more

Google Chrome Extension Removed For Stealing Banking Credentials

Google removed a extension for its Google Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store after it was discovered the extension was being used by malicious actors to steal banking credentials and financial information. The extension, named Interface Online and created by a developer called Internet Security Online, was made available through the Chrome Web Store earlier… Read more

The Health Insurance Industry Has A Candidate For Governor

As health insurance premiums inexorably rise and Democratic voters increasingly warm to the idea of government-sponsored health care, private insurers have funneled big money to political groups, helping ward off state single-payer proposals. Now in one of the highest-profile races of 2018, the industry appears to be taking the next step: running one of its own… Read more

Are PayDay Loans Abusive?

Quora Questions are part of a partnership between Newsweek and Quora, through which we’ll be posting relevant and interesting answers from Quora contributors throughout the week. Read more about the partnership here. Answer from Josh Velson, data scientist, chemical engineer: Contrary to what many people might otherwise believe, the payday loan industry is in fact highly… Read more

A mother of four should never get a $1,200 fine for the “crime” of hair braiding without a license

By David Barnes If the White House wants to carry out its promise to boost American jobs, it can start by removing the government-imposed obstacles that stand in the way of job seekers. Encouragingly, the Federal Trade Commission is hosting a roundtable this week to examine different ways to ease the burden of occupational licensing. This… Read more

How a job acquires a gender (and less authority if it’s female)

By Sarah Thebaud, Associate Professor, Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara and Laura Doering, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organization, McGill University. Why do we think of a firefighter as a man and a nurse as a woman and not the other way around? AP Photos “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” So proclaims Beyoncé in… Read more

House votes along party lines to repeal key Dodd-Frank financial reforms

WASHINGTON — The House voted along party lines Thursday to repeal many of the stricter regulations enacted after the 2008 financial crisis, taking the first step in a long-held Republican desire to roll back landmark rules they complain are hurting banks, restricting consumer credit and slowing economic growth. The legislation, which faces major hurdles in the… Read more

Wells Fargo may have created 1.4 million more unauthorized accounts than estimated, attorneys say

Wells Fargo & Co. may have opened as many as 3.5 million unauthorized checking, savings and credit card accounts over the past 15 years, far more than the bank and federal regulators reported last year, according to a new court filing. For months, the number of potentially unauthorized accounts that bank employee credit card applications may… Read more

Lawmakers ask VA to explain lethal methamphetamine experiments on dogs

Nine Democratic lawmakers have asked the Department of Veterans Affairs to explain why the agency is conducting taxpayer-funded experiments in which dogs are killed to study the effects of methamphetamine and antidepressants on their brains. In a letter to the department’s inspector general, Rep. Dina Titus of Nevada and eight Los Angeles-area lawmakers said details of… Read more

Former Wells Fargo workers say they targeted immigrants and Native Americans

LOS ANGELES — The latest allegations of unethical practices at Wells Fargo are so disturbing that even the bank has called them “offensive.” Former bank employees have signed sworn statements saying that they were told to target immigrants in the U.S. illegally, as well as Native Americans and college students as they sought to open sham… Read more Has Been Selling Customer Data, a service designed to help users unsubscribe from newsletters and emails from subscription services, has been selling user data to the very companies from which it helps users unsubscribe. The revelation about’s data practices came thanks to a New York Times article about Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in which it was revealed the ride-hailing… Read more

Hackers Target Snapchat After ‘Poor Country’ Comments
A group of hackers in India have published the personal details of what it claims are 1.7 million Snapchat users, after the company’s CEO allegedly called the country “poor.” A campaign to #BoycottSnapchat and #UninstallSnapchat also began trending on Twitter on Sunday, while shares of Snap— the parent company of Snapchat —fell to their lowest level… Read more

Checking Trump’s ‘Failing Media’ Claims

President Donald Trump is quite vocal about his disdain for many media houses, labeling them “fake news” and “failing” often, with the latter most frequently used for the New York Times (NY Times), and some other print media. But it’s not like Trump hates all media; he clearly likes Fox News, retweeting its positive stories about… Read more

FRANCE – France set to fine UBS 1.1 billion euros for tax-dodging scheme

  1. French prosecutors are demanding 1.1 billion euros from banking giant UBS because it illegally solicited wealthy taxpayers to open secret Swiss bank accounts, a French newspaper reports. Financial investigators are demanding that the world’s biggest wealth management bank pay the whole of the bail it has deposited as a fine for touting for rich clients who… Read more