Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned scientist who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 76, was known not only for his groundbreaking work, but for his support for Palestine. Hawking, who had motor neurone disease, made headlines in May 2013 when he decided to boycott a high-profile conference in Israel where he was scheduled to speak.… (more…)

How Stephen Hawking supported the Palestinian cause

Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned scientist who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 76, was known not only for his groundbreaking work, but for his support for Palestine. Hawking, who had motor neurone disease, made headlines in May 2013 when he decided to boycott a high-profile conference in Israel where he was scheduled to speak.… Read more

500 Canadian Doctors Protest Pay Raises

Hundreds of Canadian doctors, medical specialists and residents, as well as medical students, have signed a petition protesting their own pay raises, instead asking that the money be reallocated to help nurses and patients in need. “We, Quebec doctors who believe in a strong public system, oppose the recent salary increases negotiated by our medical federations,”… Read more

Florida teacher’s sincere response to the murders of 17 shared 600,000 times — and counting

An educator at Eustis聽Middle School in Florida who was just named “Teacher of the Year” last month posted her reaction on social media to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead. RELATED: Trump flashes smiles, thumbs up as he visits Florida shooting victims Kelly Guthrie Raley’s response has been shared… Read more

Students to Boycott Schools Until Congress Acts on Guns

In response to Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida, high school students and teachers across the country are planning walkouts this spring to push Congress to act on guns. On Twitter, students used the hashtags #NationalSchoolWalkout, #April20 and #April20Walkout to plan mass boycotts on the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999, as… Read more

Che Guevara Artist Turns Brush to Ahed Tamimi

Fifty years ago, Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick first shared his now-famous black-and-red poster print of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara with the world. The image quickly became a universal symbol of resistance and anti-oppression following Guevara’s death in 1967 and is recognized across the globe. Now, Fitzpatrick is poised to do it again. This time, the subject… Read more

‘Jared Kushner Act’ Would Ban Unpaid Rent Arrests

Jared Kushner’s name could rise to a new level of infamy. A Maryland lawmaker has introduced the “Jared Kushner Act,” a bill that would bar judges in the state from issuing civil arrest warrants for tenants being sued for less than $5,000 in unpaid rent, The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday. The bill named comes five months… Read more

Violent past, digital future: Angela Merkel’s remarks at Davos

By Elizabeth Heineman, Professor of History and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, University of Iowa. Merkel after her address in Davos AP Photo/Markus Schreiber Two world wars and a genocide have a way of focusing the mind. Maybe that’s why references to “lessons of the past” are almost ritualistic in addresses such as German Chancellor Angela… Read more

Murphy reverses Christie’s move to let more people carry guns in N.J.

Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday announced his administration is reversing a move made by his predecessor, Chris Christie, that made it easier for New Jerseyans to obtain a permit to carry a gun. “New Jersey cannot and must not become part of the race to the bottom that we’re seeing across the country,” Murphy, a Democrat,… Read more

Soros to Google and Facebook: ‘Your days are numbered’

Billionaire investor George Soros launched a scathing attack on tech giants at the Davos summit on Thursday, calling them monopolies that could be manipulated by authoritarians to subvert democracy. During an annual dinner he hosts at the World Economic Forum, held this week in the Swiss alpine resort, Soros turned his sights on a host of… Read more

12-Year-Old With Epilepsy Sues Jeff Sessions Over Pot

A 12-year-old suing the federal government may have a whiff of adorableness. But for Alexis Bortell, who filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions last fall, it’s a choice she had to make to save her life. Bortell has epilepsy and Sessions has made it his mission to make it impossible for her to access… Read more

Pope Francis Calls 2017 A ‘Wasted’ Year Of Death, Lies

Pope Francis thought 2017 was a terrible year, too. I n his last public address of this tumultuous year, the pontiff called 2017 a “wasted” year that was filled with death and lies, harming the environment and humanity as a whole. Speaking at an evening vespers service in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pope said humanity had… Read more

Why justice is more important than the rule of law

By Klaus Mladek, Associate Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College. Special Counsel Robert Mueller. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File The 2017 Stress in America survey has confirmed it: Americans are officially freaking out. The survey, conducted by the Harris Poll, reports that what keeps many Americans up at night is genuine political anxiety.… Read more

Facebook Highlights Dangers of Using Facebook

With nearly 2 billion users, Facebook’s survival depends on people continuing to use its service. That’s why observers were surprised by an unusual company blog post Friday that highlighted some of the potential harm of using the social media service. Titled Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us?, the company cited studies… Read more

2017 Nobel prize winners

Sweden’s royal family lead by King Carl XVI Gustaf put on a glittering display on Sunday in Stockholm as the world’s great and the good were awarded their prestigious Nobel prizes. Those for medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and economics are handed out in Sweden, while the one for peace always takes place in Norway. At an… Read more

World Kindness Day 2017 Quotes

Monday is World Kindness Day, a day marked to celebrate the people who have brought goodness into the world and also those who want the world to be a better place to live in by sharing their love and care. The day was officially marked on Nov. 13, 1998, following the World Kindness Movement and since… Read more

Twitter’s Stock Rose After Q3 Statement, Off-Boarding Advertising Announcement

Just hours after Twitter saw more than a 10 percent bump in its stock price Thursday morning the company announced a new policy on Russian advertising on the social media platform. The announcement comes after investigations the company has been conducting around 2016 Presidential Election interference on the site. Twitter’s stock jumped after the company released… Read more

Who is San Juan’s Mayor?

President Donald Trump kicked off his weekend by attacking the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Twitter as she continued to beg for aid after Hurricane Maria. Without naming her, Trump slammed Carmen Yulín Cruz and accused her pleas for help of being politically motivated. “The mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only… Read more

How one city plans to steer residents away from driving

Countries from the UK to China are rolling out extraordinary plans to eliminate fossil-fuel-guzzling automobiles. But one Nordic capital city is mixing tech and urban planning to make sure citizens do not need a car at all. Finland’s capital Helsinki is growing quickly as it attracts labor from the countryside and overseas. Instead of building more… Read more

Norway wealth fund hits ‘milestone’ $1 trillion value

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the largest in the world, on Tuesday reached the value of $1 trillion dollars for the first time, the Norwegian central bank, which manages the fund, said. This amount equals nearly $189,000 (157,000 euros) for each of the 5.3 million people living in Norway. Established in the 1990s to manage the Norwegian… Read more

France – France to sell off state assets

France is to sell off state assets to help raise billions of euros to finance innovation, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said Sunday, confirming Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire’s declaration … The government will sell off some state assets, Philippe said in a radio interview on Sunday, but not necessarily 100 percent ownership of companies that are… Read more

Coventry Varsity Offers U.S.$1 Million Scholarship Grant for Nigerian Students

Coventry Varsity Offers U.S.$1 Million Scholarship Grant for Nigerian Students Coventry University, United Kingdom has set aside $1m scholarship grant for prospective Nigerian students attending the institution. Besides, the university is set to invest $100 million in research while offering international students professional certification and the opportunity of learning an international language. A senior lecturer […]


Bernie Sanders the Most Popular Politician in the U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America, according to a new Harvard-Harris poll. In fact, the Vermont senator and former presidential candidate is the only politician in the U.S. a majority of voters like. The poll, which drew responses from 2,263 voters across […]

Illinois law protects consumers who post negative reviews online

CHICAGO — Consumers who post negative reviews on websites like Yelp have new protections under Illinois law. A bill signed into law last week by Gov. Bruce Rauner prohibits businesses from including or enforcing non-disparagement clauses in contracts for the sale or lease of consumer goods or services. Such so-called “gag” clauses are meant to dissuade… Read more

How to respond to hate

The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Monday, Aug. 14: ——— What makes American democracy shine is not the absence of hate but the response. Repugnant ideas have always swirled in this country amid the legitimate: Racism, anti-Semitism and crackpot nationalism exist. Such ugliness is not outlawed. It is protected by the Constitution. It… Read more

China securities watchdog punishes market manipulators

Investors look at computer screens showing stock information at a brokerage in Shanghai, August 13, 2015.[Photo/Agencies] BEIJING – The Chinese securities watchdog has announced punishments for a market manipulation case. Que Wenbin, the controlling shareholder of pharmaceutical firm Hengkang Medical Group Co Ltd, conspired with an asset management company to drive up Hengkang shares and reduce… Read more

Time for the US and China to rethink perspectives on jobs and technology

Robots attract visitors at an industry expo in Beijing. CHEN XIAOGEN / FOR CHINA DAILY Technology and jobs, whither goest thou? Whether in China or the United States, it is time to pause and assess the very real impact of technology’s advances on those who will lose their jobs today as the so-called “jobs of tomorrow”… Read more

Cal State will no longer require placement exams and remedial classes for freshmen

LOS ANGELES — California State plans to drop placement exams in math and English as well as the noncredit remedial courses that more than 25,000 freshmen have been required to take each fall — a radical move away from the way public universities traditionally support students who come to college less prepared than their peers. In… Read more

Many US scientists answer France’s call to come ‘make our planet great again’

The rap on Washington and the Trump administration these days is that nothing is getting done. Well, tell that to anyone concerned about the climate crisis. Sure, most of President Donald Trump’s legislative initiatives have gone nowhere in Congress. But Trump is delivering big time on his promises to gut the federal government’s efforts to fight… Read more

UK to ban sale of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040

Britain said Wednesday it will outlaw the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars and vans from 2040 in a bid to cut air pollution but environmental groups said the proposals did not go far enough. Environment minister Michael Gove announced the move as part of the government’s keenly-awaited $3.9 billion air pollution plan, which will… Read more

Kamala Harris: ‘She’s running for president. Take it to the bank’

Democrats are in a tizzy about their latest and brightest prospect for the 2020 White House – Kamala Harris, the senator from California who made a name for herself bullying Jeff Sessions during his attorney general confirmation hearings. Make way for the next social justice warrior beating a drum for the White House. Harris, a la… Read more

Bennington’s Suicide Is Cowardly, Korn Guitarist Says

While most people mourned the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington Thursday, Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch accused him of being a coward. The musician took to Facebook to express himself after reports of Bennington’s suspected suicide by hanging went viral. “Honestly, Chester’s an old friend who we’ve hung with many times, and I have… Read more

One of the World’s Largest Fashion Retailers Bans Fur

Net-a-Porter, one of the largest online designer fashion retailers, is going fur-free. The internet retailer’s parent company, Yoox Net-a-Porter (YNAP) Group, announced Tuesday it will no longer stock clothing or accessories that are made with animal fur across its portfolio of brands, which also includes menswear site Mr Porter, Yoox and The Outnet. YNAP’s head of… Read more

Top 10 richest Chinese on New Fortune’s list

Half of China’s 10 richest people are in the technology, media and telecommunications industry. With a personal wealth of 179.43 billion yuan ($25.99 billion), Chinese property tycoon, Wanda Group’s chairman Wang Jianlin and his son Wang Sicong topped the 2017 New Fortune 500 rich list. Jack Ma, executive chairman of Alibaba Group, came in second place… Read more