If you’re planning to make a career-related move in 2018, finding a new job may be one of your New Year’s resolutions. With January and February being two of the busiest months for hiring, Glassdoor has just revealed its list of the best companies to work for — which could come in handy for job seekers.… (more…)

Job alert: 50 best places to work in 2018

If you’re planning to make a career-related move in 2018, finding a new job may be one of your New Year’s resolutions. With January and February being two of the busiest months for hiring, Glassdoor has just revealed its list of the best companies to work for — which could come in handy for job seekers.… Read more

Dutch Philips looks east over Brexit concerns

Dutch electronics giant Philips said Monday it will increasingly rely on emerging markets as a buffer against the possible negative effects of Brexit, warning of a revenue drop and possible job losses in Britain. “I don’t think we’ve seen a big impact yet (from Brexit),” said the Amsterdam-based group’s chief executive Frans van Houten. “But I… Read more

‘Death by overwork’: occupational hazard for Japan’s media

The news that a young reporter at Japan’s public broadcaster had worked herself to death came as little surprise to those inside the country’s media, where a culture of excessively long hours has become the norm. “I thought it would happen eventually because we work like crazy… like a slave,” said a journalist at one of… Read more

German unemployment hits surprise record low

Unemployment in Germany hit a surprise new low in September, official data showed Friday, the latest in a string of sunny indicators as the upswing continues in Europe’s top economy. The rate of people out of work fell to 5.6 percent this month, the Federal Labour Agency said, while analysts had expected the figure to hold… Read more

10 companies hiring work-at-home customer service representatives

If you’re looking for a job that you can do from the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of opportunities in customer service — one of the fastest growing and largest career fields in today’s job market. When you think about it, nearly every company has a need for customer service professionals! In recent… Read more

Swing State Voters Grow Impatient for Manufacturing Jobs

Voters in three key swing states that President Donald Trump flipped from blue to red last year are growing impatient for him to deliver on his promise to reverse a long slide in manufacturing jobs. On the campaign trail, Trump often promised that manufacturing jobs would come “pouring back” into the United States. But a Marist… Read more

Young Taiwanese choose China jobs over politics

Taiwan has long seen its international allies switching allegiance to an ascendant Beijing, but now there are also fears of a brain drain of the island’s youth as they pursue careers in rival China. Cross-strait tensions have soared since China-sceptic Tsai Ing-wen took power last year, with Beijing cutting all official communication. China still sees the… Read more

Time for the US and China to rethink perspectives on jobs and technology

Robots attract visitors at an industry expo in Beijing. CHEN XIAOGEN / FOR CHINA DAILY Technology and jobs, whither goest thou? Whether in China or the United States, it is time to pause and assess the very real impact of technology’s advances on those who will lose their jobs today as the so-called “jobs of tomorrow”… Read more

Trump Hates Leaks, Some Federal Whistleblowers Love Him

Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci’s meltdown Wednesday night over the surreptitious release of his public financial disclosure form was hardly the first time the Trump White House has gone ballistic about “leakers.” President Trump himself has set the tone, repeatedly complaining publicly and privately about White House leaks to the press, threatening to punish them with unspecified… Read more

How a job acquires a gender (and less authority if it’s female)

By Sarah Thebaud, Associate Professor, Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara and Laura Doering, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organization, McGill University. Why do we think of a firefighter as a man and a nurse as a woman and not the other way around? AP Photos “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” So proclaims Beyoncé in… Read more

Trump’s foreign brands show challenges of manufacturing in U.S.: White House

The White House said Monday that nobody knows better than President Trump, whose name-brand shirts and ties have been made in places such as China and Indonesia, how difficult it is to manufacture products in the U.S. “I think he actually understands in a very unique way the challenges that our regulatory system and our tax… Read more

China tops the world in employment performance: Report

China tops the world in employment performance: Report China outperformed other countries in employment, a major factor in the country’s rising competitiveness rating, which has risen to 18 this year, according to the latest yearbook issued by the Lausanne Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland. The performance gain was attributed to the priority employment […]

A Few Foreign Firms Are Winning Major Bids For American Infrastructure Projects

President Donald Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget, titled “A New Foundation For American Greatness,” includes plans to follow through on his campaign promise to boost spending on infrastructure substantially. But it also likely will serve as a foundation for some foreign greatness as well, given the prominent roles of just a handful of overseas multinationals in… Read more

Ford to cut 1,400 salaried jobs in North America, Asia

DETROIT — Ford told its employees Wednesday morning that it plans to cut 10 percent of its salaried workforce worldwide, or about 1,400 employees as the automaker wrangles with falling profits and pressure to boost its stock price amid slowing U.S. industry sales. Most of the job cuts will occur in North America and Asia with… Read more

Internet-based economy boosts China’s GDP, creates jobs

Internet-based economy boosts China’s GDP, creates jobs People pass by the entrance of Wuzhen internet-enabled hospital in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. LONG WEI / FOR CHINA DAILY Internet-enabled digital economy accounted for 30.6 percent of China’s GDP in 2016, according to the China Internet Plus and Digital Economy Index published in April. The segment has created […]

Trump Boom: Unemployment Lowest in 10 Years

The economy gave out a medium-sized roar on Friday, when the federal government announced unemployment dropped to 4.4 percent. The nation also added 211,000 jobs in April. The unemployment rate was 4.5 percent in March. “During the Obama years, growth was an abysmal 1.9 percent, which the Congressional Budget Office now says is the course we… Read more

Buy American — But Hire Abroad

President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order urging the U.S. to “buy American,” in part by encouraging the Departments of Commerce and State to prioritize American firms when they dole out often lucrative contracts. But that directive, a report released last week found, may not fulfill Trump’s second stated goal — “hire American” — because… Read more

Spending bill doubles foreign worker visas

Congress tucked a sweetheart deal for America’s vacation resorts and other seasonal employers into the massive spending bill announced Monday, paving the way for the administration to more than double the number of temporary visas to foreign workers this year and “flooding the labor force” with cheap competition for jobs. Lawmakers also agreed to make the… Read more

It’s time to harness the power of African youth

Young people can offer the much-needed human capital to speed up economic growth and foster sustainability on the continent Africa, the continent with the biggest potential for growth because of untapped opportunities, is home to 12 percent of global oil reserves (Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Sudan and new potential sources like Kenya); 40 percent of the world’s… Read more

Australia scraps skilled migrant visa to protect jobs

Two new, shorter and closed-ended temporary visas will replace the 457 skilled migrants visa program CANBERRA, Australia – The country’s skilled migrant visa will be abolished in favor of a new “Australians first” approach, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Tuesday. In a video posted on social media on Tuesday, Turnbull announced that the 457 skilled… Read more