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(TrendHunter.com) These multi-tasking shirts by MerinoTech+ are ideal for busy travelers. The garments ensure that wearers don't need to change clothes when transitioning from a plane to a business meeting,...

(TrendHunter.com) Trend Hunter’s Sarah Dos Santos talks about a more intense video game cosplay craze where cosplayers create and dress in their character outfits while posing in a setting similar to a screenshot...

(TrendHunter.com) Trend Hunter’s Vasiliki Marapas talked about the Virgin America safety video, which made memorizing the safety tips a breeze. The infectious song-and-dance routine clearly explains the pre-flight...

(TrendHunter.com) Trend Hunter's Anne Booth talked about a woman in New York City who used her ‘telekinetic powers’ to throw books, tables, chairs and even a person around a little coffee shop. The dramatic...

- Molly Zilli, Esq.

With all the changes happening at the state and local levels regarding weed, it's hard to know exactly what's legal and what's not. Can you smoke at home without a medical marijuana card? Can you grow your own weed? Can you have it on you in public? The answers to......

- Molly Zilli, Esq.

It seems like every other week we hear about a new scandal coming out of Congress. Whether it's another sordid affair, allegations of sexual harassment, or an abrupt and mysterious resignation, Congressional headlines are reading like trashy, unoriginal bedside novels these days. But there are victims to these stories --......

- Christopher Coble, Esq.

With so much technology at our fingertips, more employees are working from home (and anywhere with WiFi) than ever before. But what if you're thinking of taking telecommuting to the next level, and starting your own business out of your home? Seems simple enough, right? Not so fast, my......

- Christopher Coble, Esq.

As news of yet another school shooting scrolls across our news feeds, the usual questions come to mind. What was school security like? Where did the shooter get the guns? Could it have been prevented? Sadly, mass shootings have become far too common, so we've covered some of those......

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In the '60s a young Palestinian man was warmly received by a town in rural Minnesota. But what would it be like when he returned, fifty years later, in post-9/11 America?

This video also features two other actors from "Solo," but Harrelson is the clear star and, frankly, an absolute goddamn national treasure.

​Comparing salaries between countries is comparing apples to oranges. That's why we appreciate this smart, well-designed graph of take-home pay around the world.

Hack Reactor is a top-ranked coding school offering full and part-time coding classes designed to help advance your career. They produce the kind of software engineers the very best teams want to hire. Learn more about all the programs they offer.

The climate change we're currently experiencing is nothing compared to what happened to dinosaurs during the "Carnian Pluvial Episode."

- /u/BirdsArentImportant

Fuck Tammy submitted by /u/BirdsArentImportant to r/BlackPeopleTwitter [link] [comments]

- /u/CheetoKnievel

Title says most of it. I was at a tech conference today. I like to broadcast random WiFi hotspot names to mess with people and after the recent story about the Planet Fitness I thought it would go over well as a joke. I mean, who hasn't seen "FBI Surveillance Van" as a network?

Holy fuck. Do not do this!!!

Cops got called. I got to spend about 45 minutes chatting with them. They asked a lot of questions. They had to make sure I'm not a threat. I cooperated fully. I have no doubt being a white guy at a nerd gathering probably helped. I was told I wasn't being charged. I was, however, told to leave by the venue and not come back.

Flash forward two hours and I go to log into my work email on my phone. Huh. Password failed. Huh, again. Ok, let's not fat finger this and lock the account. Pull out the laptop, remote into my work PC. Go to log in. "Your account has been disabled. Contact your systems administrator."

20 minutes later I get the text message.

You are being placed on paid administrative leave effective today 5/23 while the agency investigates today’s events surrounding you being removed from the <venue>. You are not to complete any work, access agency networks or report to the office during your leave. We will contact you when the investigation is complete.

tl;dr: Immature joke kills career, film at 11.

EDIT: Thank you for the influx of comments and messages. Most of you are right, I am a fucking idiot. One doesn't come to r/TIFU to brag about the good shit they've done. No matter what you say, I'm trying to keep up. You're helping me cope.

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- David Cohen

Get your popcorn ready: Facebook created an 11-minute film, Facing Facts, to shed more light on its ... Read More

- David Cohen

If President Donald Trump wants to continue using his Twitter account as a public forum, he must adh ... Read More

- Patrick Coffee

Independent agency Droga5 today announced that it has promoted executive creative director and eight ... Read More

The Australian postal service is looking at what Swiss Post is doing for accident and emergency deli ... Read More

Shares were down in after-hours trading in spite of NetApp's solid results and a Q1 outlook in ... Read More

The companies are offering the AI Appliance, which is designed for customers building on-premise, hy ... Read More

- Drew Prindle

A $100 bill can get you further than you might think -- so long as you know where to look. Check out ... Read More

- Kevin Parrish

Despite the launch of AMD's two Vega desktop add-in cards, Team Green still leads the Nvidia vs ... Read More

- Lucas Coll

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a low-budget computing platform capable of doing just about anything. We round ... Read More

- Dexigner

Concourse Golf has been awarded the Good Design Award 'Best in Class' in the Product Desig ... Read More

- Dexigner

ARRCC recently completed Vue d'Eiffel, a fourth floor, three bedroom apartment situated along t ... Read More

- Dexigner

As part of its goal to support young designers and excellence in typography, the Type Directors Club ... Read More

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- Steve Mirsky

Pediatric cardiologist Ismée Williams discusses her young-adult novel Water In May, about a teenage girl whose newborn has a life-threatening heart condition. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

- Jonathan Nylk

Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy could lead to less intrusive and more effective diagnosis for patients -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

- Ike Swetlitz

The agency’s first target will be hemophilia -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

- Nick Gillespie

If you are doing work that is expressive of what you believe and hope for, you need to "read" the arc of Philip Roth's career more than any of his individual titles.

- Reason Staff

Federal judge rules that the First Amendment prohibits the president from blocking followers based on their political views.

- Reason Staff

Free extra credit to “encourage female students to go [in]to information sciences.”

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Cda China 20171029

The federal government has blocked the sale of Canadian construction company Aecon Group Inc. to Chinese interests, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains' office has confirmed. The controversial deal between Aecon and CCCI would have been worth $1.5 billion.


U.S. President Donald Trump rails against Mexico and Canada's efforts in renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying both neighbours have been very difficult.

MEC store King St, Toronto

A number of Canadian retailers have seen their reputations improve his year, while a well known coffee and doughnut chain declined, according to an annual ranking published Wednesday.

crude oil drop spigot

The price of the North American oil benchmark briefly touched $72 US a barrel late Tuesday despite the OPEC oil cartel publicly mulling boosting supply as soon as next month.

Barmil Mahli

Growing numbers of millennials faced with precarious employment or wanting something other than a traditional nine-to-five job are turning to franchising.


Uber is ending its operation of self-driving cars in Arizona more than two months after a woman was struck and killed by one of its vehicles.

CIBC bank Financial District Toronto generic

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's latest quarterly earnings beat market expectations with a double-digit profit bump on strong earnings south of the border and at home, despite slowing domestic mortgage growth.

McDonald's offers apple slices instead of fries

How do you tax a McDonald's Happy Meal toy? A B.C. Supreme Court lawsuit seeks an answer.

Canadian National Railway is preparing to purchase hundreds of new grain hopper cars to get shipments moving after a bill that encourages railways to make investments to avert service disruptions became law Wednesday.

Canada's main stock index sank into the red in late-morning trading, weighed down by losses in the key energy and financial sectors.

The Canadian subsidiary of U.S.-based oil giant Chevron Corp. cannot be held liable for a US$9.5-billion award a court in Ecuador ordered against the parent company in favour of Ecuadorian villagers, Ontario's top court ruled on Wednesday.

The federal government has blocked the proposed $1.5-billion takeover of Aecon Group Inc. by a Chinese state-owned company for reasons of national security.

The National Energy Board has approved construction of a natural gas pipeline originally intended to supply the Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal near Port Edward, B.C., even though that $36-billion project was cancelled last July.

An ongoing strike at Caesars Windsor has postponed more concerts, this time appearances by artists including Blink-182 and Russell Peters.

Bulgaria has hit a setback to its hopes of soon becoming a member of the shared euro currency after the European Central Bank said the EU's poorest country needs 'wide-ranging' reforms to get its economy in shape.

A new scientific study says more needs to be known about the impact on oyster farms of microplastic pollution that has been found in waters off Vancouver Island.

- Jessica Tan

500 Startups is excited to announce our latest batch from our flagship Seed Accelerator, this time welcoming not only a new cohort of 18 companies, but also a Blockchain track! Based out of our San Francisco HQ, Batch 23 will feature three tracks: Digital Health (22%), Blockchain (17%) and FinTech (17%). Accompanying these tracks are B2B, B2C, SaaS, and e-commerce companies, ranging from AI-driven legal services to biodegradable pour-over coffee technology. Our global outlook when discovering and backing talented entrepreneurs has again, helped form a diverse cohort. 50% of the companies are based outside of the United States include founders from countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, Canada, Egypt, South Korea, and Lebanon. 33% are of Asian ...

Read More

The post The New Batch On The Block: 500 Startups Batch 23 Companies appeared first on 500 Startups.

- Christine Tsai

500’s mission is an ambitious one. To discover and back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, create successful companies at scale, and build thriving global ecosystems. Over the past eight years, 500 has accomplished a great deal. Today we manage over $400 million in committed capital and have invested in over 2,000 companies across more than 60 countries around the world, as well as mentored and coached thousands of founders through our Seed and Series A Programs. Notable 500 family include Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), SendGrid (NASDAQ: SEND), Credit Karma, Canva, Grab, Carousell, Udemy, and Talkdesk. In the early days, many wondered why we were so bullish on going global and investing outside of Silicon Valley. As the world gets smaller, and ...

Read More

The post 500 Closes Strategic Investment with ADFG appeared first on 500 Startups.

- Edith Yeung

The 500 Blockchain team and Huobi Labs have selected three blockchain companies to join our blockchain track program. “We have received hundreds of super qualified applications since announcing the 500 Blockchain Track program last month. It’s amazing to see so many talented entrepreneurs out there building blockchain related companies and I’m really excited about the future of the blockchain ecosystem,” said Edith Yeung, partner at 500 Startups. Since this is our first pilot of a blockchain track program, we only had the opportunity to work with a small number of companies. Our goal is to collaborate closely with each startup,  focusing on key areas including: community building, go-to-market strategies, corporate partnerships, and connections with all our mentors from the blockchain ...

Read More

The post 500 & Huobi Labs Proudly Presents Our Latest Blockchain Track Companies appeared first on 500 Startups.

- Ana Paula González

500 has been investing in the rapidly evolving Miami tech entrepreneurial ecosystem for over 5 years now.  From our successful Geeks On A Plane (GOAP) stop in 2012, to the PreMoney Investor Conference and our Series A Program in 2015: we have witnessed the amazing energy of Miami. Today, we believe the Miami entrepreneurial ecosystem is at an inflection point, with more high-potential founders launching locally than ever before. Further, we believe the city is uniquely poised to become a global hub for entrepreneurship and innovation that will hopefully connect South Florida with Silicon Valley, the East Coast, Latin America, Europe, Africa and beyond! In the words of our CEO, Christine Tsai, “We believe that today more than ever it ...

Read More

The post 500 Startups joins the Miami heat, and it’s not about the beach or basketball appeared first on 500 Startups.

- Trafton Kenney

Last week, more than 25 corporate VCs, angels, fund managers, and attorneys joined us for our fourth Deal Camp investor training program with UC Berkeley. Less than two years in, more than 100 corporate investors have now attended the program and joined our #500Strong network, a milestone that we’re proud of. “We’re thrilled to see our group of alumni continue to grow around the world,” said Bedy Yang, managing partner at 500 Startups and a lecturer at Deal Camp. “The goal of our VC Unlocked programs is to empower investors with the toolkit they need to structure, negotiate, and execute early stage investments.” Meet the Class Here’s a quick introduction to the latest group of participants: 50% based internationally, representing ...

Read More

The post VC Unlocked – Over 100 Deal Campers and Counting appeared first on 500 Startups.

- Christine Tsai

Today, we have committed to join Cheryl Yeoh Sew Hoy and Andy Coravos in their mission to launch a collective step forward for the VC industry. #MovingForward, which was birthed at a dinner for founders, is an open source directory that pools diversity, inclusion and anti-harassment commitments from VCs. It is especially meaningful that this initiative launches on International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. A recent report by the World Economic Forum found gender parity is over 200 years away. While these findings seem overwhelming, we believe that as more people commit to change now, we will move the needle together. We are honored to pledge our commitment to ...

Read More

The post 500’s Commitment to #MovingForward appeared first on 500 Startups.

- Edith Yeung

Meet Huobi Labs – our new friend for 500 Startups’ Blockchain track. At close to $1 Billion in trading volume per day, Huobi is one of the largest global digital asset exchanges for cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2013, Huobi serves millions of customers from over 130 countries and now has business and operational centers across Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, etc. Huobi Lab is a blockchain incubator under Huobi started in 2017. 500 Startups will be teaming up with Huobi Lab to support our blockchain track and we will leverage Huobi Lab’s extensive global blockchain network. Together, we will provide practical guidance to companies on topics ranging from fundraising strategy, white paper development, go-to-market strategy, community engagement and marketing. “I ...

Read More

The post Welcome Huobi Labs! Meet 500 Startups’ Blockchain New Friends appeared first on 500 Startups.

- Bedy Yang

Most VCs think they can predict the future when it comes to early stage deals. At 500, we’re more realistic about our strengths and weaknesses as seed stage investors. We realized early on that building high-velocity deal flow – more than the art of predicting winners – was our super power and we’ve built on that strategy ever since. (We’ve been shouting our investment strategy and portfolio approach from the rooftops since 2010. Read more about how we pick investments) We’re sharing that approach, as well as some tips on how to build a pipeline of high-quality deals that can scale in the future, in today’s blog post. From hundreds to thousands When you’re just getting started as a VC, ...

Read More

The post How to Attract (and Scale) Deal Flow appeared first on 500 Startups.

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LONDON (Reuters) - British Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will call on Thursday for all parties to revive the spirit of the Good Friday peace agreement to deliver economic justice and prosperity in Northern Ireland. ... Read More

(Reuters) - British police said they arrested a 19-year-old man on Wednesday evening for the offence of "preparation of terrorist acts". ... Read More

LONDON (Reuters) - Businesses will face a cost of up to 20 billion pounds ($27 billion) a year to comply with the customs arrangement favoured by the keenest Brexit supporters within the cabinet, Britain's most senior tax official said on Wednesday. ... Read More

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson concluded a five-day charm offensive in Latin America on Wednesday by expressing interest in a trade agreement with Chile and other countries in Latin America's so-called Pacific Alliance. ... Read More

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain is legally bound to pay its up to 39 billion pound ($52 billion) divorce bill to the European Union before it agrees a future trade deal with the bloc, a Brexit minister said on Wednesday. ... Read More

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's opposition Labour Party lost a vote on Wednesday to force the government to dock the transport minister's salary over his handling of the failed contract to run the London to Edinburgh rail line. ... Read More

LONDON (Reuters) - British inflation fell unexpectedly in April, according to data that prompted fresh questions about when the Bank of England would next raise interest rates and pushed sterling to its lowest level against the dollar this year. ... Read More

BERLIN (Reuters) - Driven by the prospect of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union next year, the number of British passport holders who became German citizens jumped by 162 percent last year, Germany's Federal Statistics Office said on Wednesday. ... Read More

MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May joined Prince William at a memorial service on Tuesday to remember the 22 victims of a suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester a year ago, Britain's deadliest attack for 12 years. ... Read More

NAIROBI (Reuters) - A 72-year-old pensioner has been found guilty in a British court of raping two Kenyan girls while he was on holiday in the East African nation, the latest example of cross-border collaboration to stamp out child sex offences by Western tourists. ... Read More

- Andrew

Yesterday’s appearance by Mark Zuckerberg before the European Parliament was a masterclass in PR - and how to avoid answering the difficult questions. ... Read More

- Andrew

How do you develop a digital-proof business? It’s not all about technology, it also involves culture change and your own personal digital growth. ... Read More

- Andrew

The news that influencer measurement tool Klout is closing down should be no surprise. I haven’t heard any reputable person mention their Klout score in more than 2 years. I have some unique insights about Klout and their business model and strategy having been the CEO of their direct competitor, Kr ... Read More

- Andrew

For me, I try and do one TEDx each year. Watch me explain below why I do this with the stage from TEDxODED (Welsh Government) in the background. Back in 2014, I performed my 1st TEDx talk. Even though I had delivered nearly 300 public presentations by this stage, I was still petrified. I realised th ... Read More

- Andrew

10 years ago when your phone buzzed it could only mean one thing - a text message. At a conference in London yesterday I heard the stat that Millennial’s scroll the equivalent of 90 metres on their phone each day. ... Read More

- Andrew

With GDPR just over 4 weeks away, I am seeing that many companies are just nowhere near ready. Last week I was at a well-known and high-profile event space in London. ... Read More

- Andrew

I believe in this new age of the gig economy and social media, when you work for a company, you’re merely renting your brand to them. ... Read More

- Andrew

When you come across a new terminology, some new jargon or acronyms, do you seek to understand what they mean or let them wash over you? I encourage all of my audiences to be curious and embrace digital. I implore them that "to get digital you need to be digital”, and lean forward when these ne ... Read More

- Andrew

A new study by DDI, EY and CNBC puts the spotlight on the often neglected “Gen X" segment (of which I am one), born generally between 1965 and 1981. The report suggests that Gen X is quickly occupying the majority of business leadership roles, having grown up playing video games, spends the mos ... Read More

- Andrew

I enjoy working with clients from all industries and all sizes from around the world as the Practical Futurist but I now have a favourite. ... Read More

- Andrew

For some time now I've been saying to corporate audiences in my keynotes that in under 5 years we will not be reading ads - robots will. As promised, in one 8-minute take I put forward my proposition about how we will take back control of our data in a meaningful way. ... Read More

- Andrew

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gregg Stebbben and Harper Tucker from Forbes Books Radio. In this wide-ranging interview, we spoke about why you need to you need to disrupt or be disrupted and why every company needs digital diversity at the top table. Worth a listen no matter what size c ... Read More


A Jew, a Muslim, and a Lutheran walk into a New York studio to talk about their faith and their feminism… and you’re invited to listen in. How does religion fit in with today’s women’s movement? Can faith & feminism coexist?

Today we’ll be joined by Nadia Bolz-Weber, the Founding Pastor of the House for all Sinners & Saints, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MuslimGirl.net, and Lauren Herrmann, a Rabbi at the Society for the Advancement of Judaism. Moderated by Facebook’s own Nona Jones, our panel of religious leaders will weigh in on what it means to balance faith & feminism.

Tune in at 5:30pm EST on the MAKERS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/203893417003898

We’re going live in just 10 minutes! Watch the panel by following the link below. 



In a wide-ranging conversation about the new season, cast members got emotional as they discussed accusations of sexual misconduct against Jeffrey Tambor. ... Read More


The 19-year-old bedroom pop singer and songwriter is getting an early taste of fame — and the hardships that come with it. ... Read More


Haifaa al-Mansour sees parallels between her own experience in a conservative society and the life of the 19th-century author of “Frankenstein.” ... Read More


Mr. Murphy, the TV creator, and Ms. Mock, the transgender activist, discuss the new FX series about the vogue ball scene in ’80s New York. ... Read More


Mr. Roth won almost all the major literary awards and published an exceptional sequence of historical novels in his 60s, an age when many writers are winding down. ... Read More


Somewhere in Robert Indiana’s home in Maine, there may exist an early version of his famous image — one that will startle his fans. ... Read More

From Herman Melville to Mae West, pinball machines to a slave ship, Robert Indiana drew his inspiration from American sources, with deeply personal meanings. ... Read More


The sitcom’s revival was a topical hit, but the political pot-stirring — onscreen and off — overshadowed the show’s strengths. ... Read More


From her couch in Massachusetts, Judith Durant oversaw production of the sweaters worn in the Broadway revival, knitting 13 of them herself. ... Read More


He loves the crowds, the crowds love him, and his appearances attract hundreds and even thousands of fans. One the eve of publication of his new book, “Calypso,” the love fest continues. ... Read More


Mr. Roth wrote of the everyday people, buildings, streets and mores of the city, often with palpable and wistful affection. ... Read More


Upstairs, the matriarch is ready to die. Downstairs, her adult children might kill each other first. ... Read More


This labored adaptation of a James short story, starring Tony Yazbeck, features a boldface creative team that includes John Kander and Susan Stroman ... Read More


Here is a sampling of reviews of the prolific author’s work, an essay he wrote and an interview he gave. ... Read More


An uneasy truce settles over the Waterford household, but how long can the “willful pair” of women at its center keep that peace? ... Read More


Nancy Shaver’s colorful assemblages; Domenico Gnoli’s unsettling close-ups; Tony Cokes’s incisive videos; and Rita McBride’s high-intensity laser beams. ... Read More


On the 19-year-old singer and guitarist’s third album, his own instincts take a back seat to others’ influences. ... Read More


The former White House photographer began subtly posting photos of the Obama era as a way of commenting on President Trump. Now he’s getting more explicit. ... Read More


Chris Offutt’s new novel, “Country Dark,” is set in the world of backwoods moonshiners. ... Read More


A documentary about the fashion world Zelig André Leon Talley doesn’t live up to his energy. ... Read More

President Donald Trump on Wednesday asked for the probe, which will be carried out by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

North Korea's vice foreign minister said the future of the summit is "entirely" up to the United States.

Americans for Prosperity unleashed a bevy of ads on Thursday through digital, mail and print platforms.

Jim Cramer warns that it’s foolish to fight the bears when it comes to the homebuilders.

Jim Cramer sits down with Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald to hear about developments in the cruise industry.

- Megan Rose Dickey

Uber’s CEO is in Paris this week meeting with the French president to talk tech in Europe and expanding its insurance coverage in the region, but back in the U.S. the company is moving ahead on another kind of expansion. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Uber is raising another secondary rou ... Read More

- Frederic Lardinois

GUN is an open-source decentralized database service that allows developers to build fast peer-to-peer applications that will work, even when their users are offline. The company behind the project (which should probably change its name and logo…) today announced that it has raised just over $1.5 mi ... Read More

- Jordan Crook

Disrupt SF is set to be the biggest tech conference that TechCrunch has ever hosted. So it only makes sense that we plan an agenda fit for the occasion. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Ring’s Jamie Siminoff will join us on stage for a fireside chat and Jason Mars from Clinc wil ... Read More

- Romain Dillet

Chatbot startup Hugging Face has raised a $4 million seed round led by Ronny Conway from a_capital. Existing investors Betaworks, SV Angel and Kevin Durant are also participating. I already reviewed Hugging Face so I won’t write the same thing again. But the startup has been building a chatbot app w ... Read More

- Romain Dillet

French startup Tempow has raised a $4 million funding round. Balderton Capital led the round, with C4 Ventures also participating. The company has been working on improving the Bluetooth protocol to make it more versatile. Smartphones, speakers and connected devices all use Bluetooth in one way or a ... Read More

- Romain Dillet

French startup Platform.sh has raised a $34 million funding round. The company wants to help you manage your cloud infrastructure by handling the most tedious part of the job. When you use Platform.sh for your application, the startup is going to handle testing and deployment to your cloud infrastru ... Read More

- Steve O'Hear

While software is said to be eating the world, software developers and other technical talent remains in short supply. Not only is this seeing major tech companies compete hard to hire the best engineers, but it has also meant a rise in the use of remote working freelancers or turning to offshore ag ... Read More

- Mike Butcher

Excited to announce that this year’s The Europas Unconference & Awards is shaping up! Our half day Unconference kicks off on 3 July, 2018 at The Brewery in the heart of London’s “Tech City” area, followed by our startup awards dinner and fantastic party and celebration of European startups! The ... Read More

- Anthony Ha

Right on the heels of launching its concierge service Hooch Black, Hooch announced today that it has raised $5 million in seed funding. The company’s basic subscription of $9.99 gets you one free drink per day from a variety of partner bars and restaurants. Hooch Black (which you have to apply for, ... Read More

- Matthew Lynley

As Slack tries to graduate beyond a Silicon Valley darling to the go-to communications platform within a company, it’s had to find ways to increasingly pitch itself as an intelligent Swiss Army knife for companies — and not just a simple chat app — and it is trying to continue that today once again ... Read More

- John Biggs

Real Vision is entering the crowded business and financial new space with a bang. The company, which recently raised a $10 million Series B after a $5 million A round, is working on a number of new initiatives including distribution on Apple TV, a content distribution partnership with Thomson Reuter ... Read More

- Ron Miller

Po.et is an open source, not-for-profit publishing network built on the blockchain with the broad ambition of changing how we distribute, license and monetize content on the internet. Today, it announced it was opening the Po.et Development Labs, a place for developers to experiment with new ideas o ... Read More

Meet the pro gamers starting a micro-industry by tutoring new players in the popular online game. ... Read More

The RNLI and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency trial uses drones to spot humans in distress. ... Read More

X-ray and traditional methods suggest the painting is genuine, but final verification is pending. ... Read More

New apps and platforms are seen as a way to reach younger people with mental health conditions. ... Read More

BBC Click's Emily Bates looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week. ... Read More

Parts of the upcoming instalment in the franchise were filmed at Fawley Power Station in Hampshire. ... Read More

Newsbeat's been given exclusive access to Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller, a 'first' for disabled gamers. ... Read More

The socks have three sensors reading weight distribution, movement and orientation of the foot. ... Read More

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- Ivy Pepin | MIT Energy Initiative

Boreas Renewables' Abigail Krich discusses the incompatibility of New England’s electricity market structure with achieving carbon emissions reduction goals. ... Read More

- MIT Office of Sustainability

The Institute's fourth annual Sustainability Connect event highlights imagination and the incubation of new ideas. ... Read More

- Rob Matheson | MIT News Office

Researchers design 3-D-printed, driverless boats that can provide transport and self-assemble into other floating structures. ... Read More

- Helen Knight | MIT News correspondent

New dispatching approach could cut the number of cars on the road while meeting rider demand. ... Read More

- Sabbi Lall | McGovern Institute for Brain Research

MIT faculty members are among 19 top scientists selected from across the nation. ... Read More

- Paul Sloane

So get your patent filed! Sometimes the idea is tremendous but it fails because of the current state of technology or infrastructure.  Consider the common remote control for your TV set.  The Zenith Radio Corporation launched the first wireless remote control for TVs in 1955.  The ‘Flashmatic’ shone ... Read More

- Innovation Excellence

Change management used to refer to the practice of controlling changes to a system, but increasingly the term has come to be used more often to describe the profession and the practice of managing organizational change. And within the practice of change management, many people over-index on communic ... Read More

- Tom Koulopoulos

I was terrified, but I was comfortable. That was the way it felt almost 30 years ago when I started my first company. I was gainfully employed, making an extraordinary salary, had all the perks and privileges of an executive position in a thriving company at the age of 27, and yet I knew it ... ... Read More

- Jason Williams

Centric is excited to soon announce our 6th annual Day of Innovation Conference conference. Keynote speakers this year will include leaders from LPK, Pitch.co, HeroX, Omnicom Media Group and Second City Works. Additional presenters are encouraged to apply. ... Read More

- Arlen Meyers

Open innovation, a rarity in sick care, depends on the free flow of information from inside to outside and vice versa. For that to happen, it takes a permeable membrane to drive osmotic flow of information and possible solutions across the separator. Like a polaroid lens that allows you to see thing ... Read More

- Shelly Fan

He isolated DNA from Egyptian mummies. He discovered the Denisovans, an extinct ancient human species, by sequencing DNA from a tiny bone fragment. He led a massive study that reconstructed the Neanderthal genome—and found traces of their genes still lurking within some of us today. Now, the Swedish ... Read More

- Lisa Kay Solomon

Jonah Sachs is a storyteller, entrepreneur, and “unsafe thinker.” Sachs is the founder and former CEO of Free Range studios, a pioneering creative firm that helped create some of the first viral marketing campaigns around social issues, such as the “The Story of Stuff,” which was viewed by over 60 m ... Read More

- Edd Gent

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were designed to be efficient, low-friction alternatives to traditional financial systems. But it seems their creators maybe didn’t think too hard about their sustainability. An analysis published in the journal Joule this week predicts the Bitcoin network could be usin ... Read More

- Raya Bidshahri

The Earth is an ocean world. From space, this fact is obvious, whether the planet appears as a bluish dust mote at the edge of the solar system, a bright sapphire star from our planetary neighbors, or the blue marble we see in orbit. Our oceans are the lifeblood of Earth and are home to […] ... Read More

- Singularity Hub Staff

TRANSPORTATION Elon Musk Presents His Tunnel Vision to the People of LA Jack Stewart and Aarian Marshall | Wired “Now, Musk wants to build this new, 2.1-mile tunnel, near LA’s Sepulveda pass. It’s all part of his broader vision of a sprawling network that could take riders from Sherman Oaks in the n ... Read More

- Greg Satell

We need to get a lot better at bridging that gap between discovery and commercialization Related posts: The Lean Startup Is Now Helping To Transform Government Funded Science Into Real Businesses 4... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ... Read More

- Greg Satell

Today we need to manage not for stability, but for disruption, Not all who wander are lost. Related posts: This Is How Your Business Will Be Disrupted Innovation “Gurus” Love To Talk About These 4... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ... Read More

- Greg Satell

It's accelerating how businesses are able to impact their strategy Related posts: The Future Of Robots The Future Of Robots Is All Too Human Why We Need To Change The Software In Our Organizations... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ... Read More

- Greg Satell

The lesson is that for diversity to work, it has to create a little tension and that will cause some discomfort. However, if we make it a priority and invest the resources of our best people to make... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ... Read More

- Greg Satell

What worked for Steve Jobs or Elon Musk Might not work for you Related posts: 4 Myths About Innovation That “Gurus” Love To Tell There Is No One True Path To Innovation Innovation Is The Only True... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ... Read More

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- Alex Hern

The social media company suggests that sending it naked pictures is the best way to protect yourself from revenge porn. But can it be trusted?If you have been the victim of “revenge porn” – intimate pictures stolen and published in an attempt to humiliate or blackmail – Facebook has a proposal that ... Read More

- Gwyn Topham, transport correspondent, and Sarah Butler

Workers across Europe, including 70,000 in UK, to be offered pay protections under new insurance policyUber is to provide additional protection for its drivers and couriers across Europe, including 70,000 in the UK, with limited insurance against sickness and injury as well as small maternity and pa ... Read More

- Daniel Boffey in Brussels

British negotiators warn of security dangers as they call for preferential treatmentUK negotiators in Brussels have warned of significant economic and security dangers for Europe should the EU not grant a special deal on data-sharing laws after Brexit.In an appeal for immediate talks on the issue, a ... Read More

- Julia Carrie Wong in San Francisco

ACLU releases documentation on Amazon Rekognition software, fueling fears of surveillance via police body camerasIn the aftermath of the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri, over the killing of Michael Brown, police departments and policy makers around the country hit upon a supposed panacea to racist po ... Read More

- Samuel Gibbs

US president reportedly resisted White House security checks for Twitter phone for ‘as long as five months’Donald Trump is reportedly shunning security advice by using at least two iPhones, refusing to allow some of them to be screened for hacking attempts because it is “too inconvenient”.The US pre ... Read More

- Dave Hall

A projected Princess Leia in Star Wars suggested a 3D future, but we’ll have to wait a while before we are playing holochessThe fragile apparition endured only long enough to say: “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” before flickering out. But R2D2’s 3D projection gave millions of young eye ... Read More

- Edward Helmore and agency

The company will focus research efforts on Pittsburgh and continue to test in San FranciscoUber is to shut down its self-driving car programme in Arizona after one of its cars killed a pedestrian there in March. Related: Self-driving Uber kills Arizona woman in first fatal crash involving pedestrian ... Read More

- Angelique Chrisafisin Paris, Jennifer Rankin and agencies

French president demands commitments from Silicon Valley to give back to societyThe French president Emmanuel Macron has warned a gathering of global tech bosses – including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – that they cannot ride the coattails of the digital economy without giving back to society. Macron ... Read More

Hot on the heels of a new generation of bezel-less Android smartphones featuring a notch in the display is the Oppo R15, with a beautiful OLED display and a design that mirrors the Apple iPhone X more closely than ever. Can it stand out from other iPhone X lookalikes? Design and hardware It is immed ... Read More

China’s Vivo, the official smartphone sponsor of the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia, is pinning its hopes on the upcoming global event to boost sales as the brand faces mounting pressure from competitors amid a saturated domestic market. The company unveiled a Fifa World Cup limited edition smartphon ... Read More

Depending on who you ask, Luo Yonghao, the founder of Chinese smartphone brand Smartisan, is either a marketing genius or an overhyped self-promoter. Either way, he has achieved something that even Steve Jobs has not: getting consumers to pay to hear his sales pitch. Smartisan has set itself apart i ... Read More

So small and light you can hold it one hand. That was always the selling point of Amazon’s 6-inch Kindle, a revolutionary e-reader when it was launched in 2007. So why would anyone want a 13.3-inch e-reader, in the form of the new Onyx Boox Max2? Design and hardware The Boox Max2’s screen is only sl ... Read More

Coolpad Group, the Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone brand which is suing larger rival Xiaomi over alleged patent infringements, said the tech start-up was trying to drag out the case by raising objections over legal jurisdiction to buy time for its initial public offering in Hong Kong. The Shenzhen ... Read More

The “Sirocco” is an update of last autumn’s Nokia 8, the Finnish brand’s first flagship smartphone in more than a decade. And for the first time since the iPhone changed the mobile landscape, Nokia has a handset that mostly looks and feels like a top-tier, modern product. Design and hardware I say “ ... Read More

Honor, one of the two smartphone brands owned by Huawei Technologies, has launched its latest flagship model in Europe, a market where it is seeing rapid growth in shipments amid a decline among established brands like Samsung and Apple. The Chinese brand, which provides cost-effective smartphone ha ... Read More

Tencent Holdings, one of China’s biggest internet companies, pulled a first-quarter surprise on Wednesday, announcing a 61 per cent increase in profits on a strong contribution from its mobile games and online advertising businesses. China’s largest social network operator and video games company re ... Read More

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- Ivy Pepin | MIT Energy Initiative

Boreas Renewables' Abigail Krich discusses the incompatibility of New England’s electricity market structure with achieving carbon emissions reduction goals. ... Read More

- MIT Office of Sustainability

The Institute's fourth annual Sustainability Connect event highlights imagination and the incubation of new ideas. ... Read More

- Rob Matheson | MIT News Office

Researchers design 3-D-printed, driverless boats that can provide transport and self-assemble into other floating structures. ... Read More

- Helen Knight | MIT News correspondent

New dispatching approach could cut the number of cars on the road while meeting rider demand. ... Read More

- Sabbi Lall | McGovern Institute for Brain Research

MIT faculty members are among 19 top scientists selected from across the nation. ... Read More

- Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office

Algorithm computes “buffer zones” around autonomous vehicles and reassess them on the fly. ... Read More

- Baiju NT

If you’re looking for a new skill to learn. Or boost up your resume. Then learning to code... The post 5 cool mobile apps that will help become a pro at coding appeared first on Big Data Made Simple - One source. Many perspectives.. ... Read More

- Baiju NT

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have proved to be the most secure virtual currency, but it has not been spared... The post Securing your Crypto Wallet: Using VPN for added security appeared first on Big Data Made Simple - One source. Many perspectives.. ... Read More

- Baiju NT

With the evolution of technology, data is present everywhere. Thanks to the internet, which has enabled inter-connectivity of... The post Apache Spark or Hadoop: Which is the big data winner? appeared first on Big Data Made Simple - One source. Many perspectives.. ... Read More

- Baiju NT

Blockchain technology is the single most polarizing tech innovation in the market right now. Many industries are still... The post 3 ways blockchain enhances the practical applications of big data appeared first on Big Data Made Simple - One source. Many perspectives.. ... Read More

- Baiju NT

For today’s business, leveraging the power of big data isn’t a nice option — it’s a clear necessity.... The post Most companies still don’t understand big data and AI — and their potential? appeared first on Big Data Made Simple - One source. Many perspectives.. ... Read More

- Baiju NT

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming an increasingly popular tool for data analysis. Its simplicity... The post Top quick wins to boost your data analysis using Python appeared first on Big Data Made Simple - One source. Many perspectives.. ... Read More

- Drew Prindle

A $100 bill can get you further than you might think -- so long as you know where to look. Check out our picks for the best tech under $100, whether you're in the market for headphones or a virtual-reality headset. The post Here’s all the best gear and gadgetry you can snag for $100 or less app ... Read More

- Kevin Parrish

Despite the launch of AMD's two Vega desktop add-in cards, Team Green still leads the Nvidia vs. AMD battle. We take a look at these cards, the Radeon 500 Series, and pit them against the current crop of GeForce !0 Series GPUs. The post Nvidia vs. AMD appeared first on Digital Trends. ... Read More

- Lucas Coll

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a low-budget computing platform capable of doing just about anything. We rounded up a handful of the best Raspberry Pi 3 bundles to get you started on a variety of DIY projects. The post These Raspberry Pi 3 bundles will cover everyone, from coders to gamers appeared first on D ... Read More

- Kevin Parrish

The annual Next@Acer press event revealed Acer's updated desktop and laptop portfolio for gamers, pros, and students. The rollout includes the Swift 5 notebook, a desktop packing two GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, and more. The post Acer’s new lineup includes white gaming laptop and Pixelb ... Read More

- Jon Martindale

Skype may be the premiere voice-over-IP service, but it doesn't include built-in software for recording audio or video calls. Here's how to how to record a Skype call using a variety of tools, including some freemium software. The post How to record a Skype call appeared first on Digital T ... Read More

- Erika Rawes

Who needs a real estate agent when you've got Amazon? You can buy a tiny home directly from the retail giant and have it shipped to you. For obvious reasons, most of these aren't eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. The post Looking for a tiny home? You can buy one on Amazon. No, really. ap ... Read More