BlackRock CEO: Tax cuts could create ‘explosive deficits,’ do little to boost growth

CHICAGO — The U.S. economy’s growth has been “terrible” and President Donald Trump’s proposed tax reforms are not likely to give the nation the boost that investors are expecting, the head of the world’s largest money manager said Friday in Chicago. Speaking at Morningstar’s annual investment conference, BlackRock Chief Executive Laurence Fink told an audience of… Read more

Trump’s Tax Cuts Plan: A Guide to What You Need to Know

Trump’s Tax Cuts Plan: A Guide to What You Need to Know President Donald Trump’s embryonic proposal to slash tax rates for businesses big and small is the opening gambit in what is likely to be a protracted fight over how the federal government raises money. It also marks the end of a fragile consensus […]

Trump’s tax plan: Why don’t all income earners pay a 15% single rate?

WASHINGTON, April 26, 2017 – President Trump has just introduced a tax plan that lowers the corporate income tax rate to 15 percent, and lowers the rate on personal income to somewhere between 10 and 33 percent, depending on income level. Since corporations will pay a single rate of 15 percent regardless of the level of… Read more

Tax System Is Unfair, Majority of Americans Say
As people across the country scramble to file their taxes before Tuesday’s deadline, a majority will be doing so under the belief that the system they are adhering to is fundamentally unfair. More Americans than not now state that neither corporations nor wealthy individuals pay their fair share of taxes, a Pew Research Center survey released… Read more