An anarchist takes on the drug industry – by teaching patients to make their own meds

MENLO PARK, Calif. – The anarchist grew animated as he explained his plan to subvert a pillar of global capitalism by teaching the poor to make their own medicines – pharmaceutical industry patents be damned. Then he took another sip from a flute of Taittinger champagne. Swaggering, charismatic, and complex, Michael Laufer has become a fixture… Read more

How Big Pharma Secretly Funds The Fight To Keep Drug Prices High

As the cost of prescription drugs continues to rise in the nation that already pays the most in the world for medications, federal legislators and ballot-measure committees are proposing ways to curb those prices. But pharmaceutical companies, worried their profit margins will decline under the pending proposals, are spending millions of dollars against the initiatives —… Read more

Here Are Some Of The People Behind Skyrocketing Drug Prices

Why do Americans continue to pay the highest prices for medicine in the world? The answer lies in the fact that lawmakers have sculpted specific policies, often not found in many other nations, that boost pharmaceutical industry profits. Meanwhile, the drug industry has spent $61 million on state elections and nearly $67 million on federal elections… Read more

Has Big Pharma Made America A Country of Drug Addicts?

Our country’s crippling opioid epidemic has an entire nation searching for answers. Who is fueling the worsening opioid crisis, and what can be done? Just last week, President Trump convened a major briefing on this very question. Recently, an unlikely force emerged in response to these questions. Shareholders of McKesson Corporation, the country’s largest prescription drug… Read more

The Health Insurance Industry Has A Candidate For Governor

As health insurance premiums inexorably rise and Democratic voters increasingly warm to the idea of government-sponsored health care, private insurers have funneled big money to political groups, helping ward off state single-payer proposals. Now in one of the highest-profile races of 2018, the industry appears to be taking the next step: running one of its own… Read more

A Drug Quintupled in Price. Now, Drug Industry Players Are Feuding Over the Windfall.

This article is a collaboration between ProPublica and The New York Times. A company that manages prescription drug plans for tens of millions of Americans has sued a tiny drug maker that makes an emergency treatment for heroin and painkiller overdoses, increasing the tension between the companies that make drugs and those that decide whether they… Read more

Ohio Sues Drug Makers it Accuses of Fueling Opioid Crisis

The U.S. state of Ohio filed a lawsuit Wednesday against five prescription drug manufacturers, saying they used deceptive practices that fueled an opioid addiction epidemic. “These drug manufacturers led prescribers to believe that opioids were not addictive, that addiction was an easy thing to overcome, or that addiction could actually be treated by taking even more… Read more

Pennsylvanians Say Pot Could Supplant Steel Industry

A Pennsylvania mayor said marijuana could successfully replacee many of the jobs lost during the downfall of the state’s steel industry. Community members in Braddock, Pennsylvania, have already requested state approval to build a marijuana cultivation site on a vacant lot that was once occupied by an industrial steel building. Town Mayor John Fetterman told local… Read more