People are best convinced by things they themselves discover.

— Ben Franklin
  • Food Is a New Front in Europe’s Immigration Struggle July 25, 2016
    Each week, Roads & Kingdoms and Slate publish a new dispatch from around the globe. For more foreign correspondence mixed with food, war, travel, and photography, visit their online magazine or follow @roadskingdoms on Twitter.
    Jason Wilson
  • Was This Study Even Peer-Reviewed? July 25, 2016
    Amid the nightmare of the past three weeks, with black men being shot by cops, and then black men shooting cops, the New York Times ran a surprising front-page headline: “Analysis Finds No Racial Bias in Lethal Force.” Nestled between articles on killings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Dallas; and Staten Island, New York, the story described research by Harvard […]
    Daniel Engber
  • Far From Home July 25, 2016
    In this tender video by Audrey Yeo, the narrator tracks the difference between her life and the life of her “brother.” They’ve never met, but she sees signs of him everywhere, the traces left behind by a migrant worker we hardly notice and more rarely think of.
    Robby Berman
  • The Vaccination Double Standard July 25, 2016
    For a baby born at 28 weeks—a full three months early—he was doing remarkably well, “feeding and growing” until he was big and strong enough to be cared for at home. As medical residents on the neonatal unit, we rarely saw this baby’s family. But when we were able to reach his mother by telephone in between her work shifts, she was always loving, caring, app […]
    Phoebe Day Danziger
  • Pokémon or Cholesterol Medication? July 25, 2016
    For the uninitiated, the Pokémon franchise presents a special set of challenges—remembering the names of the adorable little monsters themselves. If you haven’t been following along for years, listening to people talk about their triumphs and failures in mobile-gaming sensation Pokémon Go—the Pokémon they captured, the others that got away—can feel like list […]
    Jacob Brogan
  • The Hillary Haters July 25, 2016
    In 1996, the New Yorker published “Hating Hillary,” Henry Louis Gates’ reported piece on the widespread animosity for the then–First Lady. “Like horse-racing, Hillary-hating has become one of those national pastimes which unite the élite and the lumpen,” Gates wrote. “[T]here’s just something about her that pisses people off,” the renowned Washington hostess […]
    Michelle Goldberg
  • The Big Data Edition July 23, 2016
    Listen to Episode No. 115 of Slate Money:
    Cathy O'Neil
  • P.C. Policing the Border July 22, 2016
    Listen to Episode 545 of Slate’s The Gist:
    Mike Pesca
  • 153 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be President July 22, 2016
    It has been 13 months since Donald Trump announced his presidential bid and, in the same speech, called Mexican immigrants rapists. The ensuing drip feed of Trumpian absurdities and offenses has had a desensitizing effect. We know that Trump is a racist, a misogynist, an authoritarian, and a narcissist, but we’ve lost track of the many, many specific things […]
    Chris Kirk
  • The Best of Slate Podcasts July 22, 2016
    In this edition of our members-only podcast digest, listen to the best segments of the week:

  • I don't like Mondays, Pokemon, Twitter or Facebook says Sir Bob Geldof July 25, 2016
    Don't hunt digital animals, hunt Trump's idiocy with hacker-proof Nokia 3100 RSA Asia  Activist Sir Bob Geldof hates Pokemon Go, Facebook, and Twitter, has never bought anything online, and uses a Nokia 3100 which he says avoids the need for mobile security.…
    Darren Pauli
  • Mobile broadband now cheaper than wired, for 95 per cent of humanity July 25, 2016
    But the Internet of Things is only working in Fjordland The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released the 2016 edition of its Facts and Figures (PDF) on technology adoption, and among the many data points it contains is an odd concentration of connected “things” in countries with Fjords.…
    Simon Sharwood
  • Verizon wants to replace your net gateways with 'a simple mux' July 25, 2016
    And then pipe in virtual network functions from all the big bit-movers Verizon has launched the next piece of its seven-year strategy to virtualise its enterprise services, announcing a bunch of multi-vendor virtual security, WAN optimisation, and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) services.…
    Richard Chirgwin
  • Oops: bounty-hunter found Vine's source code in plain sight July 25, 2016
    Give you our Docker image? Sure! No, wait … A bounty-hunter has gone public with a complete howler made by Vine, the six-second-video-loop app Twitter acquired in 2012.…
    Richard Chirgwin
  • Eurocrats to pore over Apache, KeePass code July 25, 2016
    Million-Euro bug-hunt starts The Apache HTTP server and KeePass password manager are to get a free code audit, courtesy of a pilot European Commission project.…
    Richard Chirgwin
  • Nintendo to investors: Pokémon Go won't make money come July 25, 2016
    Facts whack share price, taking the shine off Tokyo launch Investors who bid up Nintendo have punished the company for pointing out the Pokémon Go app is not going to create a cash deluge.…
    Richard Chirgwin
  • Verizon tipped to buy Yahoo! for US$5bn July 25, 2016
    Carrier becoming the place where 90s media empires go to be recycled into targeted ads Markets are bracing for a Monday puzzle: why on earth does Verizon think it is worth spending US$5bn on Yahoo!?…
    Simon Sharwood
  • By 2040, computers will need more electricity than the world can generate July 25, 2016
    So says the semiconductor industry's last ever communal roadmap Without much fanfare, the Semiconductor Industry Association earlier this month published a somewhat-bleak assessment of the future of Moore's Law – and at the same time, called “last drinks” on its decades-old International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS).…
    Richard Chirgwin
  • No, the VCR is not about to die. It died years ago. Now it's VHS/DVD combo boxes' turn July 25, 2016
    Japan's Funai sold 750,000 units last year, but parts are hard to come by so it's quitting Japanese company Funai will stop making VHS devices this month, marking the end of the road for the venerable video tape standard.…
    Simon Sharwood
  • Telstra's head of ops drops after network flops July 25, 2016
    Kate McKenzie 'retires' from Telstra Telstra's chief of operations, Kate McKenzie, has “retired” from the carrier.…
    Simon Sharwood
  • PHP flaws allowed God mode access to top smut site July 24, 2016
    Twin zero days could have seen pr0n users personal stuff sprayed all over the web A trio of hackers have gained remote code execution powers on servers used by adult entertainment outlet Pornhub, using a complex hack that revealed twin zero day flaws in PHP.…
    Darren Pauli
  • Cryptography vs. bigotry: the debate Australia needs to have July 24, 2016
    And with Pauline Hanson on the stage, it's a debate the technology industry must lead Australia's newly-elected senator Pauline Hanson has called for a ban on muslim immigration on national security grounds. But her position is ignorant and bigoted because it takes an idea to turn someone to terror and it's now impossible to stop the flow of i […]
    Simon Sharwood
  • US standards lab says SMS is no good for authentication July 24, 2016
    National Institute for Standards and Technology says tokens, apps should replace TXT America's National Institute for Standards and Technology has advised abandonment of SMS-based two-factor authentication.…
    Richard Chirgwin
  • IT boss 'set up fake companies to charge his employers $2.4m' July 22, 2016
    Everything's bigger in Texas … including the fraud, allegedly A former lead systems engineer with a US software development company has been accused of laundering $2.4m (£1.8m) in an IT consulting scheme.…
    Shaun Nichols
  • Samsung: You won't settle? Fine, we'll do this the Huawei July 22, 2016
    South Korean electronics giant countersues in patent spat Samsung has filed a countersuit against Huawei in China over allegations of patent infringement.…
    Shaun Nichols
  • WikiLeaks fights The Man by, er, publishing ordinary people's personal information July 22, 2016
    If you contributed to the Democrats Jan–May, get identity theft protection now WikiLeaks prides itself on taking on The Man by finding and publishing information that the world's most powerful organizations want to keep hidden.…
    Kieren McCarthy

  • Sunday Night Futures July 24, 2016
    Weekend:• Schedule for Week of July 24, 2016• The Future is Still Bright!Monday:• At 10:30 AM ET: Dallas Fed Survey of Manufacturing Activity for July.From CNBC: Pre-Market Data and Bloomberg futures: S&P and DOW futures are down slightly (fair value).Oil prices were down over the last week with WTI futures at $44.26 per barrel and Brent at $45.69 per ba […]
    Bill McBride
  • The Future is still Bright! July 24, 2016
    Three and a half years ago I wrote The Future's so Bright .... In that post I outlined why I was becoming more optimistic. It is time for another update!For new readers: I was very bearish on the economy when I started this blog in 2005 - back then I wrote mostly about housing (see: LA Times article and more here for comments about the blog). I started […]
    Bill McBride
  • Schedule for Week of July 24, 2016 July 23, 2016
    The key reports this week are the first estimate of Q2 GDP, June New Home sales, and the Case-Shiller House Price Index for May.The FOMC is meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, and no change in policy is expected this week.For manufacturing, the July Dallas, Richmond and Kansas City manufacturing surveys will be released this week.----- Monday, July 25th -----1 […]
    Bill McBride
  • Vehicle Sales Forecast: Sales to be Over 17 Million SAAR in July July 22, 2016
    The automakers will report July vehicle sales on Tuesday, Aug 2nd.Note:  There were 26 selling days in July, the same as in July 2015.From WardsAuto: Forecast: July Sales to Return to 17 Million SAAR Trend A WardsAuto forecast calls for U.S. light-vehicle sales to reach a 17.6 million-unit seasonally adjusted annual rate in July, following June’s 16.6 millio […]
    Bill McBride
  • Hotels: Occupancy Rate on Track to be 2nd Best Year July 22, 2016
    From STR: US hotel results for week ending 16 JulyThe U.S. hotel industry reported mixed results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 10-16 July 2016, according to data from STR.In year-over-year comparisons, the industry’s occupancy decreased 1.4% to 77.5%. However, average daily rate was up 3.4% to US$128.12, and revenu […]
    Bill McBride
  • BLS: Unemployment Rates stable in 43 states in June July 22, 2016
    From the BLS: Regional and State Employment and Unemployment SummaryUnemployment rates were significantly higher in June in 6 states, lower in 1 state, and stable in 43 states and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.... South Dakota and New Hampshire had the lowest jobless rates in June, 2.7 percent and 2.8 percent, r […]
    Bill McBride
  • NMHC: Apartment Market Tightness Index remained negative in July Survey July 21, 2016
    From the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC): Apartment Markets Remain Mixed According to the Latest NMHC Quarterly SurveyApartment markets continued to show mixed conditions in the July 2016 National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) Quarterly Survey of Apartment Market Conditions. For the third quarter in a row, the Market Tightness (43) and Equit […]
    Bill McBride
  • A Few Comments on June Existing Home Sales July 21, 2016
    Earlier: Existing Home Sales increased in June to 5.57 million SAARFor existing homes, inventory is still key.  I expected some increase in inventory last year, but that didn't happened.  Inventory is still very low and falling year-over-year (down 5.8% year-over-year in June). More inventory would probably mean smaller price increases and slightly high […]
    Bill McBride
  • Earlier: Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey showed Contraction in July July 21, 2016
    From the Philly Fed: July 2016 Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey Manufacturing activity in the region fell slightly in July, according to firms responding to this month’s Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey. Although the indicator for current general activity turned negative, indicators for new orders and shipments were positive. Employment was flat at […]
    Bill McBride
  • Existing Home Sales increased in June to 5.57 million SAAR July 21, 2016
    From the NAR: Existing-Home Sales Ascend Again in June, First-time Buyers Provide SparkTotal existing-home sales, which are completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, climbed 1.1 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.57 million in June from a downwardly revised 5.51 million in May. After last mont […]
    Bill McBride

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  • Global Business: Chattanooga - the High Speed City June 2, 2016
    Chattanooga has been re-inventing itself for decades. In the late 1960s Walter Cronkite referred to the city as "the dirtiest in America." Since then heavy industry has declined and, to take its place, civic leaders have been on a mission to bring high-tech innovation and enterprise to Chattanooga. In 2010 the city became the first in America to en […]
    BBC Radio
  • Global Business: Growing Malawi May 26, 2016
    Malawi, in Sub-Saharan Africa, is one of the world’s poorest countries with its GDP nearly at the bottom of the global league table. Successive governments have been riddled with corruption scandals, state-run services are in disarray and Malawi’s population is booming. It hit 17.6m this year, which the Finance Minister described as "scary" and is […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: Steel in the UK May 19, 2016
    Amid concern about the future of the Port Talbot steel works - and fear for the jobs of workers there - Peter Day looks at the history of the industry in Britain. When was the heyday of British steel, and what went wrong? Peter visits Port Talbot and also delves into the archives to hear stories from a time when manufacturing dominated the British economy. P […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: Turnarounds May 12, 2016
    Imagine you run a company and it's failing. What do you do? Matthew Gwyther speaks to leaders who've turned around businesses in difficulties and finds out how they did it, what inspired them and what lessons they can pass on. Produced by Nina Robinson.
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: Recruiting by Algorithm May 8, 2016
    Can a computer programme choose the right applicant for a job? Online assessments, scanning programmes, computer algorithms and the number crunching of social network data are all now part of the tool kit of the recruitment industry. As Peter Day discovers, to get through to an actual interview, you often have to impress a computer algorithm first. Tradition […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: Colorado's Big Marijuana Experiment April 28, 2016
    Marijuana is now legal in some US states and a fast-growing industry has emerged, especially in Colorado which was the first state to embrace the drug. But according to federal law marijuana is still illegal. This means that many companies can't get banking services, advertise their wares or pay tax in the way that other companies do. So how do they sur […]
    BBC Radio
  • Global Business: Selling Shakespeare April 23, 2016
    As part of the festivities for the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, Global Business asks how the Bard has had an impact on the corporate world. As well as being a profitable part of the British economy, particularly for the tourist sector in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s plays have been exported to almost every country there is. In Neus […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: European Unicorns April 14, 2016
    A Unicorn is a mythical animal. But it's also the name now given to private start-up companies, mainly in the tech or internet sector which are valued at a billion dollars or more. They're extremely fast-growing and are often keener to increase customers rather than make profits at this stage. They rely on private investors to fund their growth and […]
    BBC Radio