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The Votes Are In and We Have A Pitch Room Wild Card Winner!

You were asked to cast your vote through September 23rd for the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Pitch Room Wild Card submission that you think ...

Pleasure vs Fulfillment: Which one should you pursue?

Entrepreneur Network partner Daniel DiPiazza discusses why pursuing your passion matters.

New Ways to Optimize Online Presence

Roy Chomko, CEO of Adage Technologies, talks about the importance of helping customers optimize their online presence to stay ahead in the industry.

    • Coach's Collaboration Power Tool: Match The VIbe September 28, 2016
      When you walk into a meeting or join a conversation do you read the room right away? If not, you're missing an important opening for a relational handshake. By taking the first few seconds of every interaction with others to read then match their vibe (i.e., tone, volume, and energy level)--right as you start saying anything (even "Hello")--yo […]
    • 5 Questions on Applying for a Student Credit Card September 28, 2016
      By Kevin Cash For many young adults, the future benefits of establishing good credit may seem impossibly far away, just like turning 30 or attending parent-teacher conferences for kids you haven't even thought of having. But there's a big payoff in the near term for having good credit, too, such as perks-laden credit cards with high points bonuses […]
    • Cooking Up a Storm: Dan Simons Shows What It Takes to be a Successful Restaurateur September 27, 2016
      For some owners, restaurants are all about the business, about making money, or even about basking in the spotlight, accumulating accolades and being the best of the best. For others, it is simply about producing good food and drink. For Dan Simons, it is all of that, and more. Restaurants are a microcosm of society, and a dynamic foundation to face some of […]

    • In Business: Brexit: The Response of the French Abroad September 22, 2016
      How has London's French community fared since Brexit? Caroline Bayley explores why so many entrepreneurs have chosen to start businesses on this side of the channel. And what is the capital's attraction for so many of France's young people? After the vote to leave the EU, the response of many French ex-pats was deep shock. Three months on, are […]
      BBC Radio
    • In Business: Start-up Scotland September 15, 2016
      Brexit, a global slump in oil prices, and political uncertainty around a second independence referendum; these have combined to place the Scottish business community in uncharted waters. Additionally, Scotland has longer term historical structural issues, particularly when it comes to successfully starting and growing new ventures. It is widely recognised th […]
      BBC Radio
    • In Business: Making Babies - the business of fertility September 8, 2016
      The business of making babies is booming, both in the UK and globally, as recent research suggests the world’s fertility industry is set to be worth an estimated 15 billion pounds by the year 2020. One in six couples in the world are thought to experience fertility problems. There's a huge range of treatments available – from egg donation and specialist […]
      BBC Radio

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    • Permanent impulses due to international business connections are of growing importance
      Every country and company needs the international business exchange and other markets generally need imports from abroad the chances are literally 'unlimited'
    • Advantages of a Hong Kong offshore company
      Explains the advantages of a Hong Kong Offshore company, and why Hong Kong is an ideal offshore jurisdiction. The article covers different aspects to be considered by entrepreneurs when deciding if Hong Kong offshore company setup will meet their business objectives.
    • What is a airsoft BB gun?
      People often use the term "BB gun" incorrectly. Here we'll try and address what a BB gun is and what it is not. Have you ever wondered where the "BB" in BB gun comes from? We'll tell you that, too.

    The Essential Guide to #Twitter Marketing
    • Expensive Vancouver Homes Are Owned By People In Traditionally Low-Income Jobs: MLA September 27, 2016
      Homemakers. Students. A waitress and a casino dealer. These are just a few traditionally low-income professions you can work in and still, somehow, buy a home in one of Vancouver's priciest areas. That's according to land title research by B.C. NDP housing critic David Eby. He pulled 250 titles for homes sold in the affluent MacKenzie Heights area […]
    • Unifor Gets It On Pensions, Why Don't Our Public Sector Unions? September 27, 2016
      Last week, with a midnight deadline looming, General Motors Canada struck a deal with their workers' union, Unifor, to avert a strike and allow GM's Canadian operations to continue uninterrupted. As with most labour negotiations, this couldn't have happened without both sides putting a little water in their wine. And crucial to this deal was U […]
    • Seasonal Agricultural Workers Deserve Right To Call Canada Home September 27, 2016
      Co-authored by Don Wells, Professor Emeritus of Labour Studies and Political Science at McMaster University; Aaraón Diaz, Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Migration Research Centre; and André Lyn, community researcher. Imagine for a moment there are hardly any jobs available in your community. The few that are available pay a maximum of $1.25 an hour […]

    • Lawler: Renter Share of Single-Family Market Declined Slightly in 2015 September 27, 2016
      From housing economist Tom Lawler:Data from the 2015 American Community Survey suggest thatFor the first time since 2006, the number of single-family housing units occupied by renters declined slightly last year. The share of occupied single-family (detached and attached) housing units occupied by renters, which went up from 14.8% in 2006 to 18.9% in 2014, d […]
      Bill McBride
    • Chemical Activity Barometer indicated "Solid Growth in September" September 27, 2016
      Here is an indicator that I'm following that appears to be a leading indicator for industrial production.From the American Chemistry Council: Chemical Activity Barometer Continues Solid Growth in SeptemberThe Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), a leading economic indicator created by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), expanded 0.4 percent in September […]
      Bill McBride
    • Real Prices and Price-to-Rent Ratio in July September 27, 2016
      Here is the earlier post on Case-Shiller: Case-Shiller: National House Price Index increased 5.1% year-over-year in JulyThe year-over-year increase in prices is mostly moving sideways now around 5%. In July, the index was up 5.1% YoY.In the earlier post, I graphed nominal house prices, but it is also important to look at prices in real terms (inflation adjus […]
      Bill McBride

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