Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

— Edison

  • After the Hack August 24, 2016
    It’s a sequence of events so familiar it can almost seem choreographed. First, there’s a prominent hack, with thousands or sometimes millions of accounts containing vital personal information breached. Think Sony Pictures, in which hackers (alleged by U.S. intelligence officials to be connected to North Korea) released everything from employees’ Social Secur […]
    Helaine Olen
  • Why Artisanal Cider-Makers Hate the Fizzy Stuff Sold in Six-Packs August 24, 2016
    On a warm spring afternoon earlier this year, I hiked around Autumn Stoschek’s orchards, which are perched on the steep slopes surrounding her cidery in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The region’s cool climate is ideal for growing cider apples, and dozens of different microclimates, elevations, and soil types produce a huge number of variations in flav […]
    Adrienne So
  • Should I Make My 25-Year-Old Daughter Get a Credit Card? August 24, 2016
    Welcome to Ask the Bills, where every two weeks Helaine Olen answers readers’ questions about their most nagging personal finance and financial etiquette dilemmas. Seeking advice on a money issue? Email
    Helaine Olen
  • You’ll Never Guess This One Crazy Thing Governs Online Speech August 24, 2016
    Early last week, Twitter announced that it would be using new tools to curb hate speech and harassment on its site. The news came on the heels of a tell-all report on BuzzFeed that chronicled how 10 years of dogmatic commitment to “free speech” combined with persistent mismanagement led to the popular social media app becoming “a honeypot for assholes.” Twit […]
    Kate Klonick
  • Dear Prudence: The “Little Red Hen” Edition August 24, 2016
    A woman dropped family, friends, and job to move across the country for a relationship that didn’t work out—and things got worse from there. Is she doomed to make poor decisions for the rest of her life?
    Mallory Ortberg
  • There’s a Viking on the Delta August 24, 2016
    Listen to Episode 567 of Slate’s The Gist:
    Mike Pesca
  • Dear Prudence Live Chat August 23, 2016
    Need help getting along with partners, relatives, co-workers, and people in general? Ask Dear Prudence! Mallory Ortberg takes your questions on manners, morals, and more. Please keep your questions succinct (recommended max. length is around 150 words). Submit yours ahead of time below:
    Mallory Ortberg
  • Trump’s Vision of Black America Is a White Supremacist Fantasy August 23, 2016
    It’s clear that Donald Trump’s “black outreach” isn’t actual outreach to black communities. A Trump who wanted to reach black voters would speak to black churches, black colleges, and organizations like the NAACP or the Urban League. The actual Trump, instead, has made his pitch to lily-white audiences in towns and neighborhoods with few black residents. And […]
    Jamelle Bouie
  • The Angle: Great New Policy Edition August 23, 2016
    Donald Trump’s recent stab at articulating his immigration policy is just ridiculous, Jim Newell writes.“Trump is not familiar with immigration policy, because he’s not familiar with any policy,” Newell sighs. “Building ‘the wall’ is not a policy. It is a project. The wall is a wall. There are people who have written white papers for him. If he has read them […]
    Rebecca Onion
  • The Self-Actualization of Sean Hannity August 23, 2016
    The nonrevelation in Monday’s New York Times that the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity has been advising Donald Trump as well as fawning all over him was met with predictable handwringing. Dana Milbank, in the Washington Post, pointed out that Hannity—who’d told the Times’ Jim Rutenberg in the piece that he was not a journalist—had previously called himself a […]
    Isaac Chotiner

  • MBA: "Mortgage Applications Decrease in Latest Weekly Survey" August 24, 2016
    CR Note: I'm in NYC, graphs will be posted next week.From the MBA: Mortgage Applications Decrease in Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage applications decreased 2.1 percent from one week earlier, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey for the week ending August 19, 2016.... The Refinance Index de […]
    Bill McBride
  • Wednesday: Existing Home Sales August 23, 2016
    Note: I'm in New York and posting will not be frequent (too much to do and see).Thanks to Joe Weisenthal for having me on Bloomberg's WDYM. And Barry Ritholtz on his MIB radio and podcast.Wednesday:At 7:00 AM ET, The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) will release the results for the mortgage purchase applications index.At 9:00 AM, FHFA House Price […]
    Bill McBride
  • Chemical Activity Barometer "Suggests Accelerated Business Activity" August 23, 2016
    Here is an indicator that I'm following that appears to be a leading indicator for industrial production.From the American Chemistry Council: Chemical Activity Barometer Suggests Accelerated Business Activity; Notches Sixth Consecutive GainThe Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), a leading economic indicator created by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) […]
    Bill McBride

  • Japan takes aid show to Africa in China’s shadow 25 Aug 2016 00:45 The News International TOKYO: Japan takes its aid show to Africa this weekend, with a huge development conference in Kenya, hoping quality will trump quantity in the battle for influence against cash-rich China. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe -- fresh from an appearance as Super …
  • Mother Fools making a comeback with a little help from its friends 25 Aug 2016 00:40 Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse raised almost $14,000 in the four days since a vehicle plowed into the cafe and music venue, breaking through brick and glass. Owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick are still trying to figure how much they need to raise to reopen …
  • Bono Bridge bid scheduled for September 25 Aug 2016 00:31 Kait Trending StoriesTrending StoriesMore>> Updated: Wednesday, August 24 2016 3:39 PM EDT2016-08-24 19:39:11 GMT Authorities are investigating a video that was posted on Facebook that shows a child surrounded by adults allegedly drinking alcohol. …
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  • In Business: A Virtual World August 23, 2016
    A new technology is emerging which could change the world as significantly as mobile phones or the Internet. That technology is Virtual Reality. Up to now it’s mainly been used for fun - but things are changing. Adam Shaw investigates how VR could change our lives and revolutionise the world of business. Enabling us to be in two places at once and, for examp […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: How Safe Are Your Secrets? August 11, 2016
    Companies don't often like to admit it, but we know the spies are out there, attempting to infiltrate almost every sector of industry, eager to winkle out the most valuable corporate secrets. And they sometimes succeed, passing on the information to rivals whether at home or abroad. So what can be done to pursue the perpetrators and protect business fro […]
    BBC Radio
  • Global Business: Pitch Night August 4, 2016
    Trinitas Mhango is one of a new generation of young, would-be entrepreneurs in Malawi. She has a dream of making it big in business and she has a great idea - to mass produce and sell sanitary pads in one of the poorest countries in Africa, where millions of girls and women cannot afford proper sanitary management. The market research she has done shows it i […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: Return to Teesside July 28, 2016
    Job losses have plagued Teesside for decades and the area still has a stubbornly high unemployment rate. Ruth Sunderland grew up in Middlesbrough where her father worked as an engineer. In 1987 the company, where he'd been employed since he was a teenager, collapsed and he never worked again. Believing there was no future for her in her home town, she l […]
    BBC Radio
  • Global Business: Chattanooga - the High Speed City June 2, 2016
    Chattanooga has been re-inventing itself for decades. In the late 1960s Walter Cronkite referred to the city as "the dirtiest in America." Since then heavy industry has declined and, to take its place, civic leaders have been on a mission to bring high-tech innovation and enterprise to Chattanooga. In 2010 the city became the first in America to en […]
    BBC Radio
  • Global Business: Growing Malawi May 26, 2016
    Malawi, in Sub-Saharan Africa, is one of the world’s poorest countries with its GDP nearly at the bottom of the global league table. Successive governments have been riddled with corruption scandals, state-run services are in disarray and Malawi’s population is booming. It hit 17.6m this year, which the Finance Minister described as "scary" and is […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: Steel in the UK May 19, 2016
    Amid concern about the future of the Port Talbot steel works - and fear for the jobs of workers there - Peter Day looks at the history of the industry in Britain. When was the heyday of British steel, and what went wrong? Peter visits Port Talbot and also delves into the archives to hear stories from a time when manufacturing dominated the British economy. P […]
    BBC Radio
  • In Business: Turnarounds May 12, 2016
    Imagine you run a company and it's failing. What do you do? Matthew Gwyther speaks to leaders who've turned around businesses in difficulties and finds out how they did it, what inspired them and what lessons they can pass on. Produced by Nina Robinson.
    BBC Radio